How to make a video go viral and get more views

The secret creating a viral video:

In the past ten years you hear content makers saying “we want to make a viral video”. Videos don’t go viral without a great idea, a budget, and hard work spreading the message. We have witnessed brands spend millions on marketing to get the video to go viral. A well known viral video from "Gangam Style" spent millions to get their video from Korea to the United states and used several techniques, read more here.

What you really need to make your video go “viral”:

In reality, you need to have a plan, and you need to invest money towards developing the story of the video, professionally produce it, and you need to use seeding services. Paying for views, email mass marketing, and cross pollinating with corporate media that will air the video due to it's "virality".

How does content go viral?

On sites like the video must hit 50,000 views the first few days to reach a point in YouTube’s algorithm where it begins to show other users the video in their sidebar and on the main pages. You can also pay to have this content served there. If the video doesn’t get to this “most viewed” stage it probably won’t get many views in the beginning.

The vast majority of viral videos don’t just happen organically. Brands and agencies pay to go viral – even though it’s against YouTube’s rules.  The majority of marketing and entertainment videos go viral with “seeding help” from companies.

A video going "viral" organically,  is a myth.

The reality is, “viral video” is a myth. The biggest and most successful online video campaigns are the result of carefully crafted and well-funded strategies – not friends sharing videos with friends.

How we can make your video go viral:

Our list below talks about some of our services that we put in place to help your video go viral:

1. We assist in writing your creative treatment, create detailed story boards, and coordinate a project within your budget and timeline.

2. We film, edit, and produce the spot in web and TV formats. We use a RED 4k highest resolution industry camera.

3. We set up a focus group in your area or Los Angeles to determine the best direction of your video.

4. We utilize our unique experience in production with successful networks and in Hollywood to create an amazing video.

5. We use our successful seeding platforms and resources to get your video seeded.

6. We have access to different video play services that will get your videos 100,000 views to a million and help it gain
momentum on youtube and social media outlets.

7. We will give you the correct metadata and SEO tools to help the video trend.  This metadata is no longer public on youtube, so your video needs the right tags.

Thanks for reading, and please email us with any questions or to schedule a consultaion and discuss how we can help you make your content and message go viral.

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