Soundation Productions presents the film "London and the Muse" : a psychological thriller.

London and the muse film los angeles starring Dorisa Day
London and the Muse short film starring Dorisa Day IMDB

We had the pleasure to produce, shoot edit  "London and the Muse". We shot in Los Angeles in  August 2015. We shot the film on the RED Epic 4k cinematic camera and edited the film at Soundation Productions. So far we have been accepted in 3 film festivals for 2016.

The first 6 festivals and awrds we have been officially selected for are:
Cannes Film Festival 2016, France

    The IndieFest FIlm Awards Festival 2016, Los Angeles

    Winners of LA Shorts Award  2015 - Best screenplay and best actress.  Read more on the official site.

    Los Angeles CineFest 2016
    Coral Coast Inernational Film Festival

    Los Angeles Film Review Independent Film Awards 

The story of "London and the Muse"

London Blander, a former child prodigy artist/painter, has not been able to paint for the past 15 years after her little brother Tim died in a car accident. She keeps on seeing images of Casati, an early century woman who used to call herself a "living work of art." Casati soon becomes London's muse, yet takes her to dark places. Meanwhile, Mr. Reese, an eccentric wealthy gallery owner who is not afraid of pushing artist to their limits is determined to have London produce a masterpiece at any cost.

Fore more infomration on "London and the Muse" (2015) please visit our IMDB page here.


Soundation Productions films Hookbuzz "Diving Deep Episode #1: The Avalon Wreck Dive"


We produced this web series content for our friends and clients at They produce action sport web basted content  out of Hermosa Beach California. 

This is a production we carried out from writing the treatment, to filming and lighting, to editing and to publishing.  We combined some amazing underwater dive shoots with studio interviews of the Hookbuzz dive team. We are looking forward  to producing Episode #2 and will keep everyone updated!  In the mean time enjoy the clip below, and if you like it subscribe to our channel.

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